Quick Zip System


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Fast, easy, and economical! The Quick Zip System is a simplified quilt loading system for longarm and shortarm machines. This system allows you to prepare your quilts in the comfort of your favorite chair. Just zip it on and you are ready to quilt. Also works great if you need to take a quilt off the machine before it is finished (to put on a practice piece, for example). The detailed instruction manual with digital color photos will guide you through the installation, pinning, and loading, and simple techniques to “float” and square the quilts.

Available for all machine widths, each containing enough zippers to do one quilt on the machine. Extra zipper sets can be purchased so you can have multiple quilts ready to load at once!



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Weight .55 lbs
Table size

10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft


complete machine set, extra quilt zipper set