Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Blend Batting


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Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Blend Batting is made with fine USA cotton blended with the very best superwash wool.  The blend is 80% cotton with 20% superwash wool.  It is then carded and resin bonded to help retard bearding.  This Tuscany blend batting provided superb insulation and the fibers breathe allowing excess heat to dispense away from the body.  It can be quilted up to 4″ apart and is washable.  We recommend washing in tepid water and laying flat to dry.  It is great for hand, machine, or longarm quilting projects.  Pre-washing the batting is NOT recommended.  

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Queen pkg (90×108) $19.00, King pkg (120×120) $25.00, Board (96" by 10 yards) $65.00, Roll (96" x 30 yards) $159.00, roll (96"x30 yards), queen package (90×108), king package (120×120)