Hobbs Fusible 80/20 batting


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Fusible 80/20

How do I fuse your Heirloom® Fusible batting?
Layer your quilt top, batting and backing. To fuse all three layers of your quilt at once, set iron on a wool or cotton setting with steam and simply press the quilt from the center to the outer edges. Be sure to keep your iron moving, pressing approximately 2-3 seconds in each area. This is only a temporary fuse. If you make a mistake or have a crease, simply lift the fabric and reapply the iron to fuse again. Once you have covered the entire surface area of your quilt, allow the quilt to cool. You may then begin quilting. It is possible to fuse one side at a time if desired. Use a silicone mat or other protective surface to prevent the exposed side of the batting from fusing to the ironing board cover.

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Queen package 90"x108", roll 96"x30 yards, Crib