April 21..I am still working on the shipping of the batting Rolls.

April 2, 2022

The USPS has drastically raised rates on large packages, this will catch multiple packages of batting and rolls of batting.  If there is more than a 5.00 increase in the cost of shipping, I will email for approval.  I have read up on this, and am still not understanding this new rate 100%, which means I may not have things set on the backend for shipping correct.  I will be checking with Fedex and UPS to see if that is an option.

Medium flat rate boxes will now be 14.00 and large flat rate will be 18.00.

Please reference the chart below for shipping rates on Hobbs batting.    Quilters dream batting has the shipping already included to the lower 48 states.

If you are in the Upper Midwest states of:  MN, SD, IL, IA, WI, ND, parts of NE, and the St. Louis Area (630, 631, and 633 zip codes), rolls of batting are 20.00/roll for shipping.

Zone 1:  $20.00

Zone 2:  $20.00

Zone 3:  $75.00

Zone 4:  $85.00

Zone 5:  $105.00

Zone 6:  $120.00

Zone 7:  $140.00

Zone 8:  $150.00

Your zone is determined by the first 3 digits of your zip code.