Hobbs 80/20


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New truck will be in towards the end of October/first week of Nov.  Bleached and 120 will ship as soon as its available. 


Shipping in the Midwest (IA, MN, IL, SD, WI, parts of NE and ND and the St. Louis area) is 12.00/roll.  No threads will be added into 100% cotton rolls.

Please check out the zone chart for shipping to other states.

Need a few supplies?  We can add them in with 96″ batting (not 100% cotton, our discretion on wider rolls) for no additional shipping!  (6 cones threads max per roll)

Heirloom® Premium 80/20 Cotton Blend
Rolls are 30 yards
Queen pkg is 90"x108"
King pkg is 120"x120"

Heirloom® premium 80/20 cotton blend is one of our most popular battings because it offers more loft and less weight than traditional cotton battings. Our 80/20 is made with 80% natural cotton & 20% fine polyester. It is needle punched and spray bonded to provide exceptional strength and durability. Shrinkage of 3-5% and may be quilted up to 4” apart.





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96" x 30 yard roll ($116.00), 108" x 30 yard bleached roll, 120" x 30 yard roll ($159.00), 15 yard board, Crib $5.99, Queen package ($14.00), King package ($19.00), Bleached Queen ($16.00), Bleached King ($22.00)